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Premature ejaculation – medical causes

Premature ejaculation medical causesUnfortunately, a lot of man of various ages are plagued by various sexual performance related issues. These days, one of the most often, if not the most common issue that man are suffering from is premature ejaculation. The men suffering from PE are commonly unable to enjoy sexual intercourse for as long as they want to, and commonly come before they've had the chance to experience any real pleasure or satisfy their partners. Although the issue is so widespread, it's causes haven't been well known for a long time, and thus no effective medication has been developed for years. There are new developments on that front though, and it seems that drugs such as Dapoxetine are effective in treating Premature Ejaculation. Still, it's wise that you look into the causes of your PE before you decide on the most effective treatment for it.

Most medical professionals generally agree that the common cause for premature ejaculation often has a lot to do with various psychological problems. The underlying causes and contributors to one's inability to control and delay ejaculation could be issues like depression, anxiety and stress, to name just the most common. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, or SSRIs like Dapoxetine have been known to be able to effectively treat all of those underlying conditions that so significantly contribute to the development of Premature Ejaculation. Studies have also shown that the reasons for Premature Ejaculation can also be physical, like prostate problems, cardiovascular and neurological issue and problems with the endocrine glands, such is the thyroid can all affect one's ability to have a satisfactory sexual life. If you are considering a visit to your doctor to get advice and treatment for your premature ejaculation, you should definitely mention any physical or psychological issue you might have, or have had in the past to help him narrow down the cause of the problem.

If your doctor has ruled out any physical reason for Premature Ejaculation, and if you are not currently taking any medication, chances are that your PE is caused by a low Serotonin level in your blood serum. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that's being naturally produced by your brain. It's crucial for any number of sexual performance related issues, and it's the main mechanism that affects the whole sexual performance process, from the initial arousal all the way to the ejaculation. Among other things, levels of Serotonin available to your brain will affect your ability to willingly delay the sexual gratification you experience when climaxing. Dapoxetine works by limiting the rate by which Serotonin is being spent by neuroreceptors in your brain, thus significantly increasing the amount of available Serotonin in your central nervous system and brain. This abundance of Serotonin will help you to control sexual reflexes, such as orgasming by a factor of three. For example, a recent study that's been conducted in a medical research facility in Austria has shown that 30mg of Dapoxetine, taken an hour before the intercourse will result in an increase in the duration of the intercourse from the average of 98 seconds to almost six minutes.

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